Here at Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy we want to make sure all patients, staff, and practitioners are safe.  All of our safety measures are set to comply with the guidelines set out by the provincial health officer, WorkSafe BC, and the college of physical therapists of BC.


Here are some of the measures we are implementing:

  • Pre-screening all patients 1-2 days before appointments.
  • Screening all patients upon arrival at the clinic.
  • Any patient who has flu-like symptoms, has been in close contact with anybody suffering from flu-like symptoms, or has travelled outside of the province in the 14 days prior to their treatment will be rescheduled for a later date. 
  • All staff and practitioners are screened daily.
  • Practitioners are following the guidelines and recommendations for PPE (Personal protective equipment) and cleaning made by their respective colleges and associations. 
  • Practitioners have altered their schedules to reduce patient flow in order to promote physical distancing within the clinic.
  • Physical distancing measures are set up in all clinic areas.
  • We are following the guidelines from the BCCDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfectants for Clinic Settings.  


Some other points to consider:

We highly encourage you to bring your own mask.

  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the clinic.
  • We ask that only patients enter the clinic.  Please do not bring children or other family members/friends unless they are a caregiver.
  • Please continue to physically distance (2 meters/6 feet) as much as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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